The University has a responsibility to respond to allegations of discrimination and harassment. The University attempts to investigate allegations of discrimination and harassment discreetly but can rarely assure confidentiality. Most employees are required to inform appropriate offices at the University when they receive notice of a concern of discrimination or harassment.

An individual who wishes to strictly protect the confidentiality of information is encouraged to utilize the following non-emergency confidential reporting options:

Ethics and Compliance Hotline

24/7 reporting option for suspected ethics or compliance violations.

Counseling and Psych Services (CAPS)

On-campus confidential reporting and counseling options. 

Survivor Advocacy

Confidential support and advocacy services to student survivors of sexual and gender-based violence

Without the identity of one or more of the individuals involved, and limited or no ability to gather additional information, the University's ability to investigate and respond to matters may be limited.

Please know that assistance options, including medical care, remain available even if a student chooses to share limited information. You may call the Dean of Students Office (520-621-7057) if you have any questions related to the confidentiality of information or have concerns about accessing University support services.