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Reporting Options

Anyone who has witnessed, knows about, or has experienced discrimination, harassment, including  sexual harassment or other sex or gender based discrimination, violence or harassment is encouraged to seek support and report the concern. There are a number of ways to report concerns and to get needed information, support, and resources. You are encouraged to report any potential crime to law enforcement and any emergency by calling 911.

If this is an immediate emergency please call 911.

The Title IX Coordinator  or its deputies are available to answer questions about your options, processes, and resources; ensure an appropriate investigation is made; and to provide guidance or referrals. The Title IX Coordinator or its deputies may contact you in response to submission of any non-confidential report. Retaliation of any kind against individuals who report concerns or who participate in an investigation process is prohibited by University policy.

If you wish to request a disability accommodation in order to facilitate a meeting or talking with the Office of Title IX (for example, ASL interpreting or assistance with building access) please contact the Office of Title IX at (520) 621-7979 or

University Complaints and Reports

To submit a report against a student:

Submit a report against a student


Office of Title IX

Mary Beth Tucker

Interim Associate Vice President of Equity & Title IX Coordinator

Equity & Title IX

To submit a report against an employee, visitor, vendor, or contractor:

Criminal Complaints and Reports

University of Arizona Police Department
9-1-1 (emergency, on campus)
520-621-8273 (non-emergency)

Note: If a crime occurred outside the jurisdictional responsibility of UAPD, the Department will assist the victim with notification and reporting to the proper law enforcement agency.

Tucson Police Department
9-1-1 (emergency, off campus)
520-791-5700 (non-emergency)

Pima County Sheriff's Department
9-1-1 (emergency, off campus)

Note: The Pima County Sheriff's Department serves the unincorporated areas of Pima County.

Confidential Reports

Oasis Program Against Sexual Assault and Relationship Violence (at Campus Health)

(on-campus confidential reporting and counseling options)


A confidential, informal, impartial, and independent resource for effective communication, collaboration, and conflict management

Student Legal Services

Free legal advice available to currently enrolled UA students (for non student versus student matters)

Survivor Advocacy

Confidential support and advocacy services to student survivors of sexual and gender-based violence