Student Support

The Dean of Students Office has a Student Assistance program which serves as a central support resource for all students. Student Assistance helps students and their families manage crises, life traumas, and other barriers that impede success. The Student Assistance staff works to address the needs of students who struggle in such areas as psychological health, physical health, victimization, relationship issues, social adjustment, and academics through a variety of interventions, referrals, and follow-up services. Student Assistance strives for a culture of caring on campus.

If there is a report of discrimination/harassment on campus it is common for a Student Assistance staff member to reach out to affected individuals. Student Assistance welcomes referrals and contact from students who need support.

Student Assistance staff help students identify various options, sources of support, and campus and community resources.

Student Assistance is located in the Dean of Students Office, Robert L. Nugent Building, 520-621-7057, 

Additional support/assistance options are listed under the Additional Resources tab.